Kingdom Chellzzz, who at one point doubted God’s existence… declares self-worth, freedom and authenticity in Jesus Christ. With a wide range of contemporary styles, he writes and produces soul gripping music that transforms hearts and minds. Kingdom Chellzzz is creating his very own special brand of Christian Hip-Hop.

“Growing up in Detroit, Kingdom Chellzzz first came in touch with hip hop through his sister’s love for music. While attending Detroit School of Arts, he spent majority time of his time in the studio cultivating his craft. 

With time, that passion for music continued to thrive right along with his relationship with God. Kingdom Chellzzz became vulnerable to God and soon discovered his purpose. Since then, he has perfected his own distinctive brand of bold, free, electric sounds. 

His music is an authentic expression of who God is; His nature, His love and His presence indescribable presence. Kingdom Chellzzz new single, Caught Up, conveys that overtaking experience. His new EP, Masterpiece is available on all digital platforms.

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Dejuan Puttman

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